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Retirement Plan Consulting

Retirement Plan Consulting

If you are the CEO, CFO, or HR Director of a company sponsoring a retirement plan, you know that you need great benefits in order to attract, reward, and retain exceptional employees. You understand the need to keep these costs reasonable and under control. You care about your employees but also don't want to spend your valuable time dealing with the complexities of monitoring a corporate retirement plan.


Our reputation is built on working with company executives to build and maintain an outstanding and meaningful corporate retirement plan.

How we help:

Fiduciary Oversight

Fiduciaries are required to act prudently in the interests of participants and beneficiaries. If you fail to meet your fiduciary duties, you can be held personally liable to restore any losses suffered by the plan. Premier Retirement Plan Advisors maintains full plan accountability through RPAG’s advanced systems and processes that are governed by a robust technology platform. We utilize an independent compliance tool called the Fiduciary Fitness Program™ (FFP) to better protect fiduciaries and prepare plan participants.

Independent Investment Due Diligence

As a fiduciary, you make decisions that can impact the retirement savings of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of plan participants. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires you to take your obligations seriously. At Premier Retirement Plan Advisors, we are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying ahead and on top of your fiduciary responsibility. 

Comprehensive Fee Benchmarking and Vendor Search

Is it time you evaluated your current plan provider? As your partner, Premier Retirement Plan Advisors is able to provide you with detailed reports about providers that may be better suited to meet your needs. Our process involves a thorough review of your current provider’s services including administrative, recordkeeping, compliance, website/statements, service management, and employee communication services.



Statistics indicate that many employees today are not saving enough for their retirement and will most likely fall financially short. Premier Retirement Plan Advisors aims to help plan participants feel confident about the decisions they make by delivering presentations on financial planning topics and providing targeted communications via memos and educational meetings. We deliver our information in a way that is both easy to understand and intended to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG)

We understand that as a sponsor and fiduciary to your company’s 401(k) plan, you have a responsibility to help ensure plan performance and success. To assist you at the highest level possible, we utilize Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of independent advisors. Together, we share a common purpose – to serve the retirement goals of qualified and nonqualified retirement plan clients alike. We are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying on top of your fiduciary responsibility. With the tools available through RPAG, we aim to help you improve plan value by evaluating investments and recommending fund additions, subtractions, and replacements.